Women's Work, tending the garden.

The gardener plants, cultivates, harvests
and then (in my family) cans everything.

I have since childhood continued down the garden path following the examples set by my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother, who have always been wonderful gardeners. I, too, tend gardens - my real gardens, the one outside on my roof in Manhattan, the forest growing on my land in Montana and the street trees in my city neighborhood -- from these come the strength, imagery and inspiration for my art -- my virtual gardens -- on paper, as objects, in performance/installation and film/media/Web.

My art work continues an ongoing study of women expressed through personal experience, observation, intuition, and invention -- a sharing of common experience. Exploring the domestic image of women, I construct, perform and film work that symbolizes aspects of domesticity and feminine place as represented by such cultural icons as 'home - hearth - garden.' The identification of purpose through signification of the familiar, the banal, the everyday ...

Female issues -- social, biologic, historic, mythologic -- form the guts of my work.

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Volunteer Gardening

In addition to caring for my own roofgarden in NYC, I am a 'Citizen Pruner' with TreesNY. I volunteer to care for street trees in my neighborhood and also assist in seasonal plantings in Battery Park in Lower Manhattan.

I volunteer my professional services to The East Village Parks Conservancy to help maintain their virtual on-line web-garden, a site that links and profiles the community gardens, parks and greenspaces in the East Village of Manhattan through interactive maps. I did a similar interactive map that links park profiles in all five boroughs of New York City for New Yorkers for Parks.

I have been working on the Web since the early 90s.
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